HNWA History

The Beginning

The first neighborhood watch in Hartsdel was formed in 1975. Membership was free and the lack of funds and volunteers contributed to the organization's early demise. The current Hartsdel Neighborhood Watch Association (HNWA) was organized in the spring of 1992 by Jasmin Alexander and Roy "Pete" Peterson, two residents with a dream of a safe neighborhood for all. The crime rate was rising and residents didn't want their neighborhood to fall victim to the harsh circumstances. In December of 1993, they organized the HNWA Patrol. This was the key to keeping residents involved and the HNWA thriving. The organization was incorporated in February 1997.

Area Covered

There are 1,163 homes in the neighborhood as well as several businesses, an elementary school, two churches and a cemetery.

Our Goals

  • Continue forming a community within our neighborhood while beautifying it, and the surrounding area.

  • Assist the Del City Police and Fire Departments.

  • Update and educate residents on beautification projects and home security measures.